Meet Our Team

  • Scott DeLong
    Owner, Veterinarian

    Scott DeLong graduated from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Since graduation, he has practiced medicine in Georgia, beginning at Butler Creek Animal Hospital in Kennesaw, and later with its sister clinic, Cedarcrest Animal Hospital, in Acworth. In 2010, he chose to open Chestnut Mountain Animal Hospital in Flowery Branch because he wanted to live closer to family in the nearby Gainesville and Watkinsville areas. Dr. DeLong is passionate about animals, and strives to bring the best and most compassionate veterinary care to his patients and their families.

    Dr. DeLong grew up in Watkinsville, graduating from Oconee County High School. He currently resides in Gainesville. His wife, Charlotte is a Ballet Instructor and Co-Artistic Director with the Gainesville Ballet Company.  They have three children and two dogs.

  • Emily Hadaway
    Associate Veterinarian

    Emily Hadaway started working in veterinary clinics 19 years ago (But we’ll just say 16 years, because 19 makes her feel old!) She attended the University of Georgia for both her undergrad and for vet school, graduating in 2015. Since then, she has grown to love the relationship she gets to form with her patients and their owners that help ensure a great visit for both! On top of providing excellent care to her patients, Dr. Hadaway has a keen interest in surgery as well as acupuncture.
    Dr. Hadaway Shares her life with her Husband Matt, her stepson Joseph, and their dog Kip. Together they like to go to sporting events, GO DAWGS, and spend the weekend at the lake when the weather permits it!

  • Matt
    Office Manager

    Matt has been working with animals for the last 15 years. He might be biologically 33 years old, but his knees and back are 87! He has always wanted to work with animals since he was a young lad and switched from wanting to be a veterinarian to a technician when he found out he would have to go to school for at least 8 years….gross! He was fortunate to work with Dr. Scott DeLong 12 years ago and is very happy to be working with him again!

    Currently, Matt doesn’t have any animals but plans to adopt a cat and a chihuahua in his future.
    In his free time, Matt likes to play video games, read, bike, and watch John Wick movies over and over again!

  • Janet
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Janet is fairly new to the veterinary field, with only 15 YEARS under her belt! She has been a constant animal lover and enjoys helping clients any way she can. 

    She shares her home with her loving wife, and 9 dogs and 10 cats. She also has 3 children, and 4 grandchildren. Family reunions must be crazy!!!! 

    When not answering all your questions or concerns, Janet loves to travel! Janet’s favorite things about her job are puppy kisses, wagging tails, and kitty meows. AWWWWWWWWWW!

  • Christina
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Christina has been working with animals since 2016, but has been foster/Rescuing since 2014. She has been happily married for 17 years to her husband Blake and has one son named Tristan and 3 dogs (Cabo, Cooper, and Amelia). Her favorite part of the job is greeting the customers and patients that come to visit us! When asked about Hobbies, Christina realized she hasn’t had time and doesn’t even know what those are! She’s a mom!

  • Savannah
    Veterinary Technician/Kennel Lead

    Savannah has been working with animals since 2015. She has been fascinated with all things animal related since she was a young girl, and it has been her dream to work in the veterinary field.  She has a passion for working with rescues and wants to one day start a rescue group of her own.
    She has one dog named Charlotte Rose, a Catahoula, that she loves with all her heart. She also claims her boyfriends’ dogs and keeps him around so she can continue to love them!

    Savannah's hobbies include: Barrel racing, softball, working out, watching her dad race, and shopping for all things cow print!

  • Meadow
    Veterinary Technician

    Meadow has been working with animals for the last 3 years and has loved every minute of it! She is currently enrolled at the University of North Georgia and is pursuing a degree in criminal justice to become a crime scene investigator. She hopes to start her own division, specifically tailored to pets who claim to not get enough treats but isn’t sure there is enough of a market for it.
    She has 2 wonderful cats that are her pride and joy!

    Meadow’s hobbies include golfing and going to the gym…. that’s it….

  • Lily
    Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

    Lily started volunteering at the Humane Society of North East Georgia in 2018 while still in high school and she hasn’t stopped since! She is currently taking intermittent courses at the University of North Georgia in the hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian.

    Pitbull’s have a very special place in her heart, and she loves spending time with her own Pitty, Emily.

    For fun, Lily has said she likes to sky dive every other weekend, save fish from drowning, and walk her pet snake, SSSSSSTUART. When not living life to the extreme, she can be found spending time with her friends and family.                              

  • Shania
    Kennel Technician

    Shania has been working with animals for the last 3 years and shows no signs of slowing down. She has a large family filled with brothers and sisters of all ages. Shania’s favorite part of the job is getting to meet the young kittens and puppies and giving them a loving first visit! When not loving on puppies and kittens, Shania likes to fish, build Lego sets, and spend time with her friends and large family!

  • Anna
    Kennel Technician

    Anna has only begun her veterinary journey but has grown up with animals her whole life. She loves working with all different types of animals and learning about their individual personalities. When not at work, Anna loves to go shopping for western, cow print items, going to rodeos, and spending time with her family. 

  • Isaac
    Kennel Technician

    Isaac has worked with animals since before he was born. He was raised by a wild roaming band of llamas that taught him their majestic ways. Just kidding……. or are we? The human side of his family consists of 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Issac just so happens to be the youngest which means his parents went through 5 prototypes before reaching perfection with him, this is according to him. Animals are truly his passion, and his favorite part of his job is seeing the individual personalities of each patient and applying personalized care to each one. When not roaming the wild plains of Georgia with his Llama brethren, Isaac is in the process of having every hobby known to man. Here are just a few hobbies that consume Isaac’s life: Animals, plants, animals, photography, animals, football, animals, rodeos, helping with his family’s pumpkin patch, oh and animals!

  • Allison

    Allison has been a GROOMING WIZARD EXTRODINAR (her description, not mine) for over 16 years. She provides excellent care and attention to all fur babies that come to her for their haircuts, and she truly makes it a spa day!

    Allison is a person in it for the long haul, she has been happily married to her husband for 12 years! They have 2 human kids (Jaxon and Tatum) and 4 canine kids (Eirinn, Bevinn, Min and Dublin) and we all know who the favorites are!

    When not at work, Allison likes to spend as much time possible outdoors. She can typically be found outside enjoying a refreshing drink on a sunny porch (even in winter).

  • Tiffany

    Tiffany has been working in the pet industry for 19 years and has been a groomer for 17 years. Although she loves all the dogs that she grooms, she does have a special place in her heart for any Golden Retrievers that come by to see her.

    Tiffany shares her home with her 2 girls (Allie and Madelyn), and her 3rd child, her husband (Brad). She also has 4 Guinea pigs, 3 cats (Tiger, Maui, and Ivy), 2 dogs (Kodiak, Grizzly), a fish, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Her hobbies include Camping with the family, Hiking, reading (probably about grooming), and crafting. 

  • Leroy Biggins

    Guard Dog (questionable)

  • Hattie

    Guard Dog to the other Guard Dog


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